***Participants are encouraged to stay in this level until they have developed a solid foundation of the basics, and the instructors will determine if the participant is ready to move up to the next level, amateur or professional combat. ***


None, as this is where all new people will start.

Striking Attire

Your clothing choice reflects your personal style, and your tops and bottoms should make you feel comfortable whether you wear a T-shirt and shorts or a tank-top and long pants, but choose fabrics that soak up sweat from your skin and allow your skin to breathe. Kickboxing clothing should be loose fitting to give you an enormous range of motion in your kicks and punches but not so loose that your pants or sleeves hinder your workout. You don't want to trip over your pant leg when you throw a kick. If you are female, wear a supportive sports bra.

Equipment Needed

Kickboxing classes require that you wear protective gear. The class includes contact with a punching bag or a person. Wear 16oz gloves that secure your wrists to protect your hands. MMA gloves can be used when ground, stand up sparring, or against small targets such as focus mitts. Wear headgear if you perform contact kickboxing and risk getting punched or kicked in the head.

Required Gear

  • Fight Shorts, Rash Guard or T-shirt. Hand wraps, boxing gloves (16 oz. gloves), shorts, t-shirt.
  • If you are going to spar you will also need: shin pads, mouthpiece, cup, headgear.

Your child/teen is welcome to try a complimentary class to experience first-hand the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in building confidence, self-esteem and sportsmanship. Research has shown that martial arts has resulted in boosting a child's ego, improving their grades, and giving them the mental and physical edge needed to excel for the rest of their lives.


This program focuses on verbal control training vs brutal strength. 
Our coaches teach children how to defuse confrontations with words first. If your child gets attacked, don’t panic because we offer techniques to help your child neutralize the threat and gain control until help arrives. We teach great values to prevent your child from becoming a bully to other kids.

Children will learn Self-discipline and Increased self-confidence are among the many benefits of Martial Arts for kids. We focus on avoiding the fight at all costs but If physically attacked, our kids will defend themselves. We train self defense so we don’t have to fight. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is designed for the smaller, weaker opponents to dominate a larger opponent. Training BJJ teaches you practical self defense, shows you what your strengths and weaknesses are and will build your confidence.

Jiu Jitsu is "The Gentle Art" and though Jiu Jitsu they will learn that aggression is not always necessary. They will acquire skills of judgment that will result in being able to pick right from wrong in a calm, authoritative manner. Through studying Jiu Jitsu they will learn that for every action there is a reaction and will begin to learn how to think ahead. Your child will take this skill into life and will learn how to act and react to everything that goes on around them analyzing situations with a calm, respectful outlook. It is this attitude of respect for themselves and others that will lead them to become confident, self-disciplined, super achievers!

When your teen or child is physically active, they will improve in many ways whether it be their health, confidence, or self-discipline.

What is Kickboxing and MuayThai?

It is can basically mean any sport that includes the use of hands and kicks in a full contact setting. That is, kickboxing utilizes the 4-point striking system (punches and kicks) while Muay Thai utilizes the 8-point striking system (punches, kicks, knees, elbows)

Is Muay Thai and Kickboxing better than boxing?

Boxing is useful because it gives you a great advantage with footwork and self-defense. The main problem with Boxing is that you only focus on striking with hands, while Muay Thai and Kickboxing focuses on hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Why should your Son or Daughter Learn Self Defense?

You as parent should enroll your loved children in a Self-Defense School to learn all aspect of hand to hand combat so they can learn basic security knowledge. Self-defense is a set of skills that allows one to defend themselves by engaging in physical combat in a controlled environment and supervised by a qualified instructor. It is meant to educate young people and prepare them physically and psychologically to protect themselves should they ever be caught up in a physical confrontation.

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