Barbell Toning

This is a complete workout system right in Mckinney, TX. We are not a boot camp gym. We offer a split workout routine style. Monday-Tuesday is Lower Body, Wednesday-Thursday Upper Body and Friday and Saturday is Full body Day resistance training. We use short rest periods to challenge your cardio  and functional exercises to improve your mobility.

All fitness levels are welcome in this program. This complete training system will bring your conditioning to another level.


  • 60 Minutes sessions
  • Fat Loss - Increase your metabolism and burn fat
  • Muscle Toning by improving the amount of lean mass in your body
  • Endurance & Stamina to help increase energy levels to live life to it fullest
  • Flexibility & Coordination you will get in better shape and stay injury free
  • Build Confidence – Once you look good, you start feeling even better and everyone notices
  • Fun – Have the most fun you have ever had working out



There is no better time to start your fitness journey than now! Discuss your fitness needs and goals with our team. We will make sure to help you choose a program that perfectly suits you. Call our fitness center today to schedule an appointment!

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